Reverberations of the past: Creating the soundtrack of Tell Me Why

By now, you’ve likely had your first look at the beautiful scenery of Delos Crossing and gotten to know more about the Ronan twins. But there’s one more thing that’s missing to make a DONTNOD game: the music. That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you our first look at Tell Me Why’s music with a feature on our composer – Ryan Lott!

Ryan Lott is the founder of New York-based band Son Lux. He’s previously created scores for film, theater and dance. His work for Tell Me Why will add an entirely new dimension to Alyson and Tyler’s story as they delve into the mysteries surrounding their mother’s death.

As a sneak peek, we’re sharing a bit of the soundtrack from Tell Me Why’s first chapter! This track plays as Tyler and Alyson set foot inside their childhood home for the first time in ten years.



We reached out to Ryan for a bit of insight into the kind of mood he’s brought to the game.

“One of the more rewarding aspects of writing music is the ability to capture a variety of emotions at the same time,” said Ryan. “Scoring Tell Me Why was the perfect opportunity to do just that, as our characters are caught in a complex psychological state. Reverberations of the past, a quest to unfold a bewildering secret, and the power and intimacy of an indescribable connection make the story full of conflicted emotions.”

It was also important for Ryan to connect the sounds of his score to the sights of Delos Crossing. “There is a particular atmosphere that permeates the game, both in the vast natural landscapes and the time-weary indoor spaces, that was fun to embody through the music.”

When beginning any of his projects, Ryan first designs his own custom musical palette. For Tell Me Why, this meant he created the instrument sounds heard in the score through recordings of live instruments but also through programming: “I paired familiar colors like piano and strings with these custom, ‘virtual’ instruments to strike a balance between the unknown and the familiar, mirroring the conceptual premise of the game.”

The result is an ethereal, moving experience that’s sure to draw players even deeper into the world of Tell Me Why – and to keep them listening to their favorite tracks for hours on end!

To learn more about Ryan Lott and his work, visit his website.

Tell Me Why is now available for pre-order and pre-install on all platforms! Stay tuned to our social media channels for all the latest info and more.

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