Here there be goblins!

“Once upon a time, in a deep and ancient forest…”

So begins the Book of Goblins, a compendium of the Ronan twins’ homemade fairy tales!

Tyler holding the Book of Goblins.
Image text: Press to open the Book of Goblins

As Alyson and Tyler return to their childhood home for the first time in ten years, they rediscover their imaginary alter egos: the Crafty Goblins. This rowdy pair spent their days exploring the wilderness, causing mischief, and eating everything in sight – and Alyson created the Book of Goblins to memorialize all the Crafty Goblins’ adventures.

What purpose might this book serve for the twins’ homecoming? What secrets might it hold for the future?

We’ll be sharing more info about the Book of Goblins as we get closer to Tell Me Why’s release! For now, here are just a few of the many characters who feature in the Crafty Goblins’ tales:


The Old Bear and the Crafty Goblins.

The Old Bear is silly but strong, with a heart bigger than his paws.


The Moose fishing with the Crafty Goblins.

The Moose is a stalwart fellow, always trying to help his friends see right from wrong.


The Pelican sleeping beside her seafood.

The Pelican is a charitable bird whose beak is filled with a never-ending supply of seafood.


The Secret Keeper standing on a hill.

Last but not least, the Secret Keeper is a mysterious spirit who lives in the trees, gathering memories to keep in the clouds.

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Tyler and Alyson walking to their car.

To Delos Crossing and back: Memories from Tell Me Why's development

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